The Love Story – Becky and Ben

A real life wedding is not only a joy to see, but it is such a sense of accomplishment, to meet a woman in the initial stages of excitement of her dress search to see her on the day images (as well as snooping at the groom!) make the long hours, delicate work and dedication to the bride and her journey so worth it. The 1st wedding we are showing for 2016 is from the utterly adorable and stunningly beautiful Becky and her now husband Ben. This is her journey… (all images by Adam Johnson)
The White Room experience….
“The White Room was the first place I contacted as soon as the time came for me to try on dresses and I absolutely couldn’t wait to visit the boutique! On the day of my appointment I felt incredibly special, myself and my mum were the only two people in the boutique, which meant the attention and assistance we received was second to none. Chloe and Laura were a dream! They picked out dresses I initially would not have thought to be my style and fell in love with everything they showed us. The enthusiasm and knowledge the staff have at The White Room is inspiring. I knew I had to visit other boutiques and try on various dresses before I could make my final decision, however something told me I would end up back at The White Room. It was during my first appointment there that I found ‘the one’, I just didn’t know it yet”.
Heathy Lea Wedding Photography
“The boutique is stunning, everything I expect a wedding boutique should be. It feels personal and cosy, whilst being bright and just the right kind of spacious. If there was one thing I recognised about other shops I visited it was that the dresses felt tightly packed onto the rails, just a wash of ivory with nothing really standing out. However at The White Room, the dresses are arranged in a way so you can see and appreciate each one in all it’s beautiful sparkling glory. Another thing I must add about the service at The White Room is their willingness to make every moment of your wedding journey perfect. I decided to ask my sister-in-law and two best friends if they would be my bridesmaids whilst they helped me pick out dresses at The White Room. On the morning of the appointment, before I picked up my girls, I delivered three cards I had made, one for each bridesmaid and three bouquets and asked The White Room team if they could put them in the area where I would be trying on dresses – they did so much more than that. When we arrived a chair had been put out for each of my girls, with a card and bouquet placed on each chair, candles were lit, marshmallows were out and a bottle of bubbles was waiting for us. It was perfect, there were tears”!
Heathy Lea Wedding Photography


“I spent much longer than I should have in the boutique that day, however Chloe and Laura were extremely patient and so happy to help. The staff at The White Room completely appreciate how important it is for their brides to love their dresses and most importantly feel comfortable and look like the best version of themselves, they don’t stop until they have achieved that.The whole experience was amazing. I am a very indecisive person, so when I fell in love with two dresses (one Claire Pettibone and the other Kate Halfpenny) I needed all the help I could get! My three wonderful bridesmaids loved both dresses but each of them had a favourite – which made the decision even harder! In the end, I decided to take only my mum and my Godmother with me to make the final decision, keeping my dress a surprise to everyone else”.
Ben and Becky married at Heathy Lea at Baslow on the 13th June 2015…
Heathy Lea Wedding Photography
Heathy Lea Wedding Photography
“Heathy Lea was one of the first venues my husband Ben and I visited and actually one of the last. It was pouring down with rain in August when we visited, yet we still absolutely loved it. It was everything we wanted in a wedding venue. A country house, with converted stables and a barn where 19 of our guests stayed for the entire weekend. Our wedding reception took place in a marquee in the garden, surrounded by the beautiful views the Derbyshire countryside has to offer. Whats more, Clive and Christine (the venue owners) are such a wonderful couple who are so welcoming, which is a good job really considering that Heathy Lea is their home too! Nothing is too much trouble for them and they strive to make your wedding weekend everything you dream it to be. We wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities and felt the only way we could truly achieve that was by taking control of the planning ourselves. In hindsight certain stresses could have probably been lifted if we had used an event planner – but then again, I guess a whole lot of fun would have been lost in the process too!”
Heathy Lea Wedding Photography
The Love Story….
“Ben and I first met at ages 9 and 8 when our parents moved onto the same estate. We grew up together and became close friends over the following years. When Ben was 22, he set off to travel around Australia with his best friend. I was heartbroken when he left and realised he was much more than a friend. Ben returned from Australia after only 2 months of what should have been a year long trip – the rest is history!
The story of the proposal is a long one so to cut it short, Ben proposed on the 13th July 2014 (we have a thing for the number 13!). It involved a treasure hunt that ended in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens underneath our ‘big tree’, with Ben down on one knee and me full of happy tears. We shared a picnic and champagne in the gardens before returning home to a surprise gathering at my parents house. It was perfect. A day I will certainly never forget. We were engaged 11 months before our wedding day on 13th June 2015. Although there was no real theme to our wedding day both Ben and I knew we wanted to create a relaxed feel to the day and one that would showcase both of our personalities. For some reason, a wedding set in the countryside with a marquee reception seemed to fit that bill for us”.
Heathy Lea Wedding Photography
“I had a bit of an obsession with all things recycled and loved the idea of bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors, indoors. With this in mind our nearest and dearest started collecting glass bottles and jars for us – I still laugh when I think of the weird and wonderful things one of my best friends bought at the supermarket, just because she liked the shape of the jar! My Grandfather sourced scrap slices of oak tree that later formed the base of our centre pieces, my Godfather made signposts and chalkboards out of scrap pieces of wood and my mum got creative with gypsophila. With the help of our families and very best friends it all came together even better than we imagined”
Heathy Lea Wedding Photography
“As for colour, we went with neutral tones mainly, with splashes of pink tones. My favourite metal is rose gold and happens to be the metal Ben chose for my engagement ring, so to bring that into the day we had accents of rose gold incorporated into the centre pieces too”
The Dress…
Chatsworth Wedding Photography Heathy Lea B&B
“Choosing my dress was one of the most difficult decisions I made throughout the whole planning process! My Grandfather very kindly purchased by dress for me in memory of my wonderful Grandmother who sadly passed away the year before our engagement. I was torn between two dresses but in the end I went with my gut instinct and picked Claire Pettibone’s ‘Gossamer’, for the simple reason that I know my Grandmother would have loved everything about it. I loved the elegant detail, the tiny clear sequins that shimmered when the light hit them and the sheer back that fastened with delicate little flowers. I also loved that the asymmetric design on the bodice of the dress made the whole look feel very organic and unique. A simple flower crown that matched by bouquet with a floor length veil selected by Chloe at The White Room completed my look”.

The Photography…

“Adam is more than a photographer, he’s an artist. The passion and enthusiasm he has for his work is utterly admirable not to mention inspirational. His friendly and warm personality meant that he felt more like an old friend on the day rather than our photographer. So many of our guests have since commented on how brilliant he was on the day. We will continue to sing his praises forever and a day. Strongly recommended to any future Bride and Groom who would love for their big day to be perfectly captured in all its natural beauty”
Chatsworth Wedding Photography Heathy Lea B&B
Chatsworth Wedding Photography Heathy Lea B&B
The reception…
Chatsworth Wedding Photography
Chatsworth Wedding Photography
Chatsworth Wedding Photography
“Our first dance was to Dean Martin, “Memories Are Made of This” This song reminds me of my Grandfather and Grandmother. The lyrics are perfect. I’ll forever smile when I hear it being played”
Chatsworth Wedding Photography Heathy Lea B&B
“Picking a favourite part of our day is impossible for me – I loved every second! However, one of the many moments I loved and will cherish forever is looking out from the top table, sat next to my new husband, and seeing everyone we love in one room. It was a wonderful reminder of how incredibly lucky we are”
Thoughts from our bride…
“Whilst setting up the marquee the day before our wedding day I started to feel incredibly overwhelmed, a very busy 11 months of planning had caught up with me, I was unbelievably excited and slightly nervous at the same time. My nerves turned into stress and the afternoon of preparations became a whirlwind. If it wasn’t for my best friends and family I would have definitely gone insane – although some might say I already did! I don’t really live my life in a way that I would wish to do things differently or change things because then it doesn’t feel real somehow. My life motto is ‘everything happens for a reason’. However in hindsight, I would probably have tried to take the small technical glitches that occurred the day before our wedding day with a pinch of salt, safe in the knowledge that they would be solved. Although, without my stress head moments that afternoon, we wouldn’t have the memories to look back on and laugh about now”!
Chatsworth Wedding Photography
“It sounds cliché but I would say take the time to appreciate and love every moment, throughout both the planning stages and on the big day too. Everyone tells you how quickly the day flies by and wow, they’re certainly not wrong! Moments will pass but memories live on forever and if you come to the end of your wedding day with a whole host of unforgettable memories to cherish, what more could you possibly wish for”
“I would absolutely recommend The White Room to future brides. For me, The White Room was, exciting, enlightening, beautiful and everything in between. My indecisiveness nature was tamed by a fantastic team of lovely ladies who made the whole experience an absolute pleasure. There’s only one grumble I have – it’s such a shame you only get to do it once”
Becky wore ‘Gosamer’ from The White Room by Claire Pettibone. We styled this with a simple silk tulle veil from HM Veils, our UK veil maker. Both HM Veils and Claire Pettibone at available at The White Room, Sheffield.
With huge love and thanks to Becky for such amazing feedback and to the immense talent of Adam Johnson for capturing such an emotional, beautiful and unforgettable gown, wedding and story of love. We wish them all the very best for the future.
The White Room x

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