What is a trunk show and why should you go to one?

If you made a start on your wedding gown hunt, you may have noticed announcements for upcoming bridal trunk shows  or designer weekends, which sound great, however many brides aren’t really sure what one is, weather you should attend or if it’s the right place to choose your gown.

So, here is The White Room‘s advice on to trunk or not to trunk…

What is a trunk show? In a nutshell, a bridal trunk show is a traveling collection of wedding gowns that is sent to a boutique for a specific time, such as a long weekend, where we can show off all the collections to White Room brides, including many gowns not normally held at the boutique. It is also generally an ‘event’ at the boutique, celebrating all that is new to the designers collections, often having incentive and offers to celebrate the collection too such as 10% off purchases, free accessories or a made to measure service included in the price of your gown. We also serve champagne, have goody bags and offer the standard White Room service to all.

Claire Pettibone Trunk Show

Why should I book in to a  trunk show? They are very exciting events for several reasons! First of all, the gowns included will be the newest styles from the designer, so all those beautiful gowns you have seen on line and in all the magazines, they will be here in one place at one time. This means that you may have the chance to try on dresses that are not otherwise available all the time in one place. Sometimes the sample in the trunk show is the only one in existence of its kind. This makes a trunk show the perfect opportunity to find a dress that will be unique or one that you may have to travel many miles and pay to see elsewhere e.g. London.


What makes it special above an ordinary appointment?  We pride ourselves on having a substantial range of each designer we represent at The White Room (a minimum of 8 gowns per designer and all within the last 2 collections) however logistically and financially, it is not possible to hold every style or gown by each one we carry. So, trunk shows allow our brides to see and try on dresses that they wouldn’t ordinarily see plus the ones we hold day to day!

What about meeting the designer? What else could be more amazing that having the person who designed your gown or accessory advising you on how you can look your best in the gown you choose? They’ll personally assess your figure, desires, wants and wedding style and recommend the best gowns from their collection, they may even suggest custom changes so you get the gown you want including adding straps, enhancing the train, adding more detail or simply suggesting a tweak!

Suzanne Neville - Majesty White Room Sheffield

Is it for me? I always advise to come to a trunk show or designer weekend if you close to choosing your gown, as if you are just making a start, you may find that the whole collection maybe too much to take in at once, or that the designer is not your style after all… It is preferable if you love one gown by the designer, but just want to see the whole lot before you make that final decision.

Trunk Show Tips

  1. Begin by browsing designer websites to get a sense of which styles appeal to you and fall within your budget
  2. Try to make sure you have tried the designer on before and have one gown you are comparing all the others too, so you know you are making an informed choice
  3. Trunk shows are by appointment only and fill up fast. So don’t wait to reserve your slot 0114 2722336!
  4. Bring one or two people with you whom you trust and who know you well. Resist the urge to have a larger entourage accompany you—too many opinions can get confusing
  5. Be prepared to make a purchase in case you find “the dress” in order to take advantage of possible show discounts


Trunk shows are really fun events for brides who are looking for that perfect gown. They are a great opportunity to see unique styles, talk to someone who designed the gown, chose the fabric and cut the pattern!

For more information or to book your appointment, call The White Room on 0114 2722336

Or e-mail chloe@whiteroombridal.co.uk or georgia@whiteroombridal.co.uk


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A beautiful bridal boutique in the heart of Sheffield city centre. Styling brides since July 2011. Award winning boutique with designers including Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford, Halfpenny London and Rosa Clara. Accessories by Debbie Carlisle and shoes by Rainbow Club. Bridesmaid gowns by Ghost and underwear and nightwear from a range of UK and international suppliers including Wonderbra 0114 2722336 www.whiteroombridal.co.uk

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    1. Thank you Eve, I think we all know what one is but many brides don’t! Little bit of guidance to ensure brides get the most from it and we get a targeted audience! Do need to meet soon too, you’ll have to let me know when you’re free & I’ll pop across! X

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