Welcome Georgia to The White Room

When I opened The White Room in July 2011, I really had NO IDEA as to how we would grow, if we would grow or if my passion for the industry would falter, the designers be fickle and move on or if The White Room would grow to world domination (I hoped the latter!).

However, in May 2013, we hired our 1st member of staff, Georgia which kind of says we are going in the right direction! I’m writing a post about what it feels to employ to follow this one.

Georgia and I actually met when we worked together in the Psychology/Drug service field and we bonded, over her similar outlook on life, her ability to manage people and situations with such ease and comfort yet her no nonsense approach to life! She always loved the boutique and we would often sit over a (few!) glasses or red at Gusto and talk about how our worlds were working and then, after my mini breakdown of “I need HELP!” as I was so busy and feeling 100% White Room absorbed, she offered and we said yes!

Georgia with her boyfriend

Here is her story:

When Chloe said to me “write a bit about yourself” I had no idea where I would even start. Quite frankly I just figured I am not interesting enough to be able to write anything other than “Hi my name is Georgia and I work at The White Room”.

The longer I sat and thought about it I came to realising, this is interesting. My entire world is interesting. I meet so many people day in day out and all with the same end goal, to be married to their best friend, their supporter and their comfort that waits for them to return home at the end of each day. Despite all these days resulting in the same goal I love to listen to how different it is all going to be and the processes people go through. The way people whole heartedly embrace their personality, their dreams, their hopes and who they are as a couple to create such an amazing day and one they will never forget.

My favourite past time is people watching! Luckily for me I found myself a boyfriend who has the same favourite past time. Some of my favourite moments are sitting in places like Rome and Bruges with him watching the world go by and smiling about how different everyone is, wondering where they are going, who are they going to see, why did they chose those particular colours to wear that morning and what makes them happy in their lives?


Being so people obsessed it felt like the only direction I could go during my educational years was to study Psychology. This intrigue continued in to my working life where I went on to working with offenders both in prisons and in the community. Why did they do what they did? Where were they going in their lives? What made them happy? The same questions could be asked of those I worked with and those I watched pass by. Whilst my job was interesting, I could safely say it wasn’t what made me happy. What made me happy was walking in to The White Room, seeing what Chloe had created and how relaxed and comforting the environment was as well as how it was a world still interacting with people daily but feeling happiness and excitement.

I knew it was what I wanted to be a part of.

• I love my friends and family and how they have embraced and supported my complete change in direction and seen the positive differences it has made.
• I love going on long walks with my boyfriend and our dog and stopping at pubs for a refreshing drink in the sun along the way watching the world go by.
• I love holidays and experiencing all the cultures and traditions (even more people watching) the world has to offer.
• I love being creative and making things out of anything and everything.
• I love fresh flowers and the way their colours make your day so much brighter.

Georgia 1

Most of all, I love my job!

I am so grateful for the opportunity to join The White Room world and already it feels amazing to be watching happy brides, giddy friends and proud parents experience what we have to offer and leave with all the excitement and anticipation of their very own gown arriving with us. I am thankful to everyone who has allowed me to be a part of this so far and can’t wait to meet all the future White Room brides as well.

To make an appointment with Georgia or The White Room – mail us at georgia@whiteroombridal.co.uk or call 0114 2722336 x

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A beautiful bridal boutique in the heart of Sheffield city centre. Styling brides since July 2011. Award winning boutique with designers including Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford, Halfpenny London and Rosa Clara. Accessories by Debbie Carlisle and shoes by Rainbow Club. Bridesmaid gowns by Ghost and underwear and nightwear from a range of UK and international suppliers including Wonderbra 0114 2722336 www.whiteroombridal.co.uk

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