Made in Sheffield – Tracey and Glenn

This was one cool wedding located at three different Sheffield venues. Tracey and Glenn were married at Leopold Hotel which was formerly the Sheffield Central Technical School and Tracey wore Galilee by Cymbeline from The White Room. Following the ceremony, the wedding party travelled by vintage bus to The Chimney House a grade II listed building in Sheffield’s old industrial heartland of Kelham Island. Following the candle-lit wedding reception the wedding party made their way to Platillo’s in the centre of Sheffield for an evening of live music. Here is her story…

Tracey & Glenn

“I had tried several bridal shops and was at a loss in finding the vintage style lace dress I had in my mind. I was going to a meeting and walked past The White Room and from the dress in the window I knew instantly “my dress” would be in there. I rang Chloe and she was instantly warm, charming, and helpful and made me an appointment for later that week to meet with her.  The boutique was gorgeous when I walked in and saw all the stunning gowns hung up and the uniqueness of the shop I just knew that I would be alright and find the dress. Chloe was so friendly, professional yet I felt like I had met her before. She instantly got my style and asked about the theme of the wedding”. 

The Dress - Galilee by Cymbeline

“What Chloe does best is understand the woman wearing the dress as if she has known you for years. It’s like she knows what music you listen too, where you like to eat, what your favourite pair of shoes are. She listened to me completely when I described the vintage yet boho feel I was looking for and all the dresses she picked out for me had that vibe. Except one that I chose and when I tried it on Chloe said “ it’s beautiful on you but that is for someone who can’t wear this one ” That’s when I knew I had found my dress I just needed back up from my brides maids so I arranged for them to attend a fitting with me”. 

Tracey in Galilee by Cymbeline

Tracey in Galiee at The White Room

The boutique is stunning its like walking into a decadent apartment,; spacious charming and vintage looking which I loved. My bridesmaid were completely included and welcomed in fact they had lots of chats and laughter with Chloe when I was in the fitting room with the seamstress. The celebratory bubbles, when I had my final fitting with my girls was such a lovely touch too, as are the bonbon sweets I always dipped into at each visit.

Love this!!

“We knew pretty much after we met that we would like to get married and Glenn first proposed at a friends wedding about 7 years ago. We chose Leopold Square for the ceremony and evening party as we spend so much of our free time together there especially in the summer when our musician friends play in the square, so it just felt right and felt ‘US’ and we wanted our wedding to have a Sheffield vibe so The Unique Chimney House set in the gorgeous industrial part of the city at Kelham Island was exactly what we were looking for. We spend lots of our time either sat around ours or family and friends dining tables so to have two big dining tables set in such a cool venue The Chimney House was simply perfect and reflected us and our friends and family.
As we were moving between Leopold Square and Kelham Island we wanted to transport our guests in a unique way so Hiring The gorgeous cream Bus from Sheffield Bus Museum fitted perfectly into our theme. Although our guests regressed into naughty school children once they were on it especially on the upper deck…that was on the way there sober, you can imagine what they were like on the way back after 4 hours of frivolity at The Chimney House!”

The bus!

“Our theme evolved really. As Glenn is a musician and has played at hundreds of weddings we wanted something a little bit different. Or theme really came from these key words that we both kept mentioning when planning the wedding:  vintage /boho / fun/Sheffield/music/party. So from this the venues, the food, my dress, the music just clicked into place. The most important things for me and Glenn were; The people we had celebrating with us, the venues, the vibe, the music and as we are foodies the FOOD. Given he is a muso I left the music to Glenn and he chose 3 great acts to play live on the night a Sheffield crooner who brought the rat pack swing to the first part of our evening Harry Crawley. A funk band from Sheffield called Montuno and a Sheffield Soul band the G Men this really made our evening party come to life and everyone was on their feet. The our friend the DJ Shaun Lee played music for all our guests tastes until very late in the evening”

Getting ready in the morning

The walk down the aisle


And the dress? “I began the search for “The Dress” in about October. I had a few pictures in a folder and I knew I wanted something  in a vintage style in lace and a little bit fun and quirky that reflected me. The only thing Glenn ever said about my look was “please look like YOU on the day” ……..Sadly until I found the White room the 3 shops I tried didn’t have any lace dresses or if they did they had some lace on them but really not the vintage fun style I had in mind and the odd ones I tried on didn’t reflect me, they were heavy and stiff and I loved the floaty soft feel of my dress on the day”.

Love this!!

All together x

“Glenn loved it and couldn’t stop saying all day how amazing I looked and he said “I knew it would be different I love it and you look like you” The guest adored it people are still telling me how much they loved it my sister said I looked liked a boho princes ahhh and that I couldn’t have done anything any better, hair, dress theme which is so lovely to hear.  I  LOVED wearing it and was the perfect choice and I didn’t want to take it off at the end of the night”.

Love & Laughter

Love this capturing emotion x

the_chimney_house_281_(2)_950_633_90 (1)

“Our wedding day was all we had dreamed about and more it couldn’t have gone any better and everyone loved the style of the wedding. I did trip on the corner of the carpet making my grand entrance but we all laughed and apparently it calmed the groom as I’m really clumsy and he said he said to himself “that’s my girl”
Every moment was amazing but just looking around the room at The chimney house and seeing the gorgeous tables full of fab food and every single person talking and laughing sharing good food and good wine and our favourite songs playing on the Ipod was such a special moment. We just hugged each other as we had imagined that moment and it was playing out in front of us”.

The after party x

The Chimney House

The Chimney House


“Music is such a big part of our life as Glenn and many of our friends are musicians and we love such an array of different music, but a song we both dance around together to in our dining room is Elvis ‘Its now or never’ was finally the one. We met late  and the line I spent a lifetime waiting for the right time resonated with us as Glenn always asks me “what kept You”. 


With the wonderful friends!

Tracey and Glenn

Do you have any advice for brides to be?
“YES…just have the day you and your hubby to be want, of course it’s important your guests have a great time but choose the feel and vibe of the wedding you both want, not what you feel you should do. A month before the wedding I was talking to a special friend and I said to her what if people don’t get it…don’t get our wedding and she said to me people love you two so they will love what you have spent ages planning for them and completely get it and that’s so true! Everyone actually loved the quirky things we did throughout the day…So however weird or traditional or big or small a wedding have the wedding YOU want. And enjoy the day it goes so fast Glenn and I keep reliving it and wish there was a virtual rewind button to keep going back and doing it all over again.
Oh get your dress from the White room you will look and feel amazing as a White Room Bride”

Love this picture!!!

The happy couple x


Tracey & Glenn

Venue:  Our Ceremony was at The Leopold Hotel in the gorgeous Oak Room, our wedding “dinner party” was at The fabulous Chimney House and for our evening party we hired the whole downstairs and outside of Platillo’s in Leopold Square
Photography: The wonderful and contemporary Mark Tierny Photography
Hair & Make Up: I did my own make up and Ian form The cutting room kindly came to the Leopold hotel to my hair
Styling/extras: My gorgeous vintage head dress and fur shrug (which saved the day) were from The White Room (Sasso)
Brides-maid Dresses: I wanted all the bridesmaid to show their individuality and loved the gold colour palette so each one chose their own

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