Day and Night – Introducing the 2013 collection by Stephanie Allin

Stephanie Allin knows women. She knows how to dress one, how to style one and most importantly, what one wants from a wedding gown, a great cut, making us all look hot and allowing us to feel special in expensive fabrics and fashion forward designs.

When we opened The White Room last year, Stephanie was going to be my classic designer, the one who I believed that as a master of a corset, would craft more traditional and simplistic gowns for my English Rose brides. How wrong was I?! Getting to know both Stephanie and her team in Mumbles, Wales just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover… And it’s obvious to say, White Room brides want more than ‘traditional’!

Introducing ‘Day & Night’ a new 2013 collection from Stephanie Allin to The White Room Bridal Boutique, Sheffield

Stephanie’s 2013 collection is true to her personality, passionate, creative with a hint of nostalgia. Now it is 100% true to say that Stephanie can craft a great corset, her nipped in waists and fuller skirts are her signature but she always does this with a twist and ‘Night & Day’ see’s her taking her classic bases and going all exotic on us! This new collection see’s a blend of colour, textures and fabrics which we know White Room brides will just love!

We have ‘Day’ where we see a blend of textures like silk and lace combined with natural, warm colours and soft details like the elegant ‘Sunset’ (below). This is a stunning oyster pink chiffon and corded lace gown in a soft fishtail, keeping the sensual appeal in the cut and craft.

The likes of ‘Amber’ and ‘Indi Rose’ fully embody the colour and softness of the ‘Day’ collection. Floating chiffons, beaded laces and tulles are perfect for the bride who wishes to interject colour and softness in to her gown but still remain very true to her ‘bridal’ roots. Plus in true 2013 style, its ALL about the flower, weather that be in the fabric, in the details or in the styling of accessories.

‘Dani’ and ‘Rosa’ are beautiful new takes on Stephanie’s classic gowns ‘Frankie’ and ‘Kelly’ offering beautiful Chantilly lace, dupion silks and tulle in creative shapes, featuring a tea length skirt which is so fun but deeply classic and elegant too. Perfect for the day look of the innocent fabric to create a classic look for the bride who wants to add a touch of glamour and quirk to her look. Both look perfect paired with lace veils and soft, flowing bouquets…

A gown that I love is Honour (below). It is amazing and one that I cannot wait to see!! Why do I love it so? To me, it has everything so right for 2013 and still holds the feel of a wedding gown which so many of my brides are searching for. They want to ‘feel’ like a bride, not just look like one! Honour has the top line of a previous gown called ‘Rosalba’ but this is softer, cut to flatter arms and décolletage yet expose a hint of skin for a sensual look. The skirt is flowing tulle with flowing lace interjecting in the panels, soft, romantic and classically beautiful! Check out the versatility too, you can add your own coloured sash, add sparkle or just wear her plain.

The ‘Night’ collection is all about starlight, exotic evenings and glamour… ‘Serenade’ is our favourite from this concept, where intrinsic beading and strong jewels make the statement. I love the cut of her too, so simple but so flattering too!

Add to this stunning tulle skirts and decadent lace shrugs with moonlight stone work and sparkle, perfect for a wedding by candle light or in the sparkling sunshine. ‘Twilight’ is going to be a huge hit! (below)

When you read about the inspiration behind her 2013 collection, ‘Night & Day’ it is clear to see that Stephanie is a true bohemian at heart, a free spirit in design, one not scared to play with colour, fabrics and cuts. The shoot for this collection was taken in Marrakesh, emphasising the  hedonistic glamour of the 1970’s, interjecting colour from the birds of paradise and exquisite jewels which were gleaming with the golden sky. ‘Illusion’ really captures that look.

And for the daring ones of you out there, we have ‘Sapphire’, showing that bridal isn’t always about the skirt! 

Look effortlessly elegant day and night with the latest collection from Stephanie Allin straight from the catwalk.

Our samples have began to arrive already and we are quickly filling up our very own ‘Night & Day’ meet the designer event on 7th, 8th & 9th December where all brides will be able to see the whole collection, plus meet Stephanie too (on the 8th). She is a brilliant inspiration to all our brides and we know the Day and Night will be no exception! 

Stephanie says: “From the moment you come into the shop the creative process begins.  Remember, your individual requirements can usually be met i.e. adding straps, sleeves, varying train length, please ask  for advice, we have great fun in styling you and your gown, your way!”

In addition to the amazement above, it’s nice to know that all Stephanie’s gowns are hand-made in Britain by the most highly skilled, professionally trained dressmakers. They pride themselves on ensuring your gown is perfect. So, if tulle layers, cinched-in waists, exotic glamour and a nod to days gone by are what you want in a gown, then Stephanie Allin could be your designer!

Get in touch to know more – The White Room, 0114 2722336


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