Behind Closed Doors on Love My Dress

This shoot is special… Not only have we been featured almost immediately on Love My Dress but we have had some great feedback on the styling, concept and total difference this shoot has embraced.

I am proud. Proud that the whimsical and sometimes out there ideas I have translate not only to bridal but to the industry on a whole, so much that big names want to collaborate with me and designers support them too.

This is ‘Behind Closed Doors’…. A shoot with Cat Hepple and filmed by Emma Wilson and styled by myself, Chloe Curry of The White Room.  Enjoy!

The woman. She fooled around, she had affairs, she broke hearts, she was heart-broken, she was and she is a temptress by heart. But it’s now time for her to prepare the glory box, to settle down. She is ready to get married. To the right man. She is seeking her gown; she is embracing her femininity, her sexuality, her sensuality…

 “Don’t you stop, being a man
Just take a little look from our side when you can
Sow a little tenderness
No matter if you cry
Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be, a woman
It’s all I want to be is all woman
For this is the beginning of forever and ever…”

The concept? To show off the femininity of the woman, the feelings she has whilst dressing on her wedding day, her desire to be desired her need to feel as beautiful, loved and sexy, playing with light, accessories and a very lovely groom! 

“Marriage is beautiful, it’s the meeting of mind, body and soul and as much as we celebrate the innocence of the 1st kiss, the natural beauty of the wedding day and the purity of the solemn vows, no-one can deny that relationships are also based on more than that. Attraction, desire, romance, such wonderful emotions and ones we rarely see explored in bridal fashion styling and concepts, rarely conceptualised in photo shoots… We skirt around the sensual and sexual element of marriage, we don’t embrace the passion of the wedding night, the excitement of putting on delicate and pretty underwear, the feel of silk on the skin…” (Chloe Curry, The White Room).

Many probably feel that bridal fashion can only be showcased if done, on the whole, innocently. We wanted to challenge that. We wanted to work on the woman, her confidence, her sensuality, and her sexual emotions and channel that with a male present, one who is desiring and embracing his wifes femininity and looks.

We want to capture the feeling of stepping in to a beautiful gown she carefully selected, her sexy underwear. We want to show that in choosing a gown, she is dressing for herself, for all the women on the guest list who she wants to make envious and most importantly, for him… You know that one person who makes you feel sexy, beautiful and gorgeous. The one who asked you to marry him…

“Our inspiration for this shoot was very much focused around the woman, dressing her in classic and sexy underwear and coupling this with a fun and relaxed approach to desire and love for the man she is marrying. We also wanted to put a huge focus on accessories, showcasing that the styling of a veeil, headpiece and accessories really can change the look of a bride” (Chloe Curry)

Cat Hepple speaks about the shoot:

“Typical bridal images focus on an innocence, a sense of purity and I really wanted to bring something more sensual to bridal imagery with this shoot. Brides want their groom to be blown away by how they look on the wedding day, they want them to be irresistibly attracted to them, and that’s what these images are designed to show- that attraction and sensuality.
It was important to still keep an air of softness and gentleness, this is afterall a shoot to inspire brides to be, but I wasn’t afraid to get our couple more up close, more intimate, and to use the light to convey different emotions and more of a sense of privacy at times”.
“I envisaged a bride on the morning of her wedding, dreaming of her groom, lost in a world away from others. These photographs are still soft and romantic, but they feel intimate, like the viewer is being llowed in on a private time. I love that look.
Then when the couple were alone together, the imagery takes on a more heated feel. There’s an intensity, an attraction, a sense of longing”

Emma Wilson-Massey on filming the shoot: “This ‘behind the scenes’ film tells the story of how an idea comes together on the day.  It’s about how the model, stylist and photographer coming together to tell their story”.

As well as running her own wedding videography company, Story of Your Day, Emma is also a BBC trained Video Journalist and camera director with more than a decade’s experience in storytelling.  Chloe says: “we met Emma at our 1st shoot with Cat Hepple and loved the results, capturing the behind the scenes element is not only a great keep sake for the hard work on the day, but seeing it all edited together, really does tell the story of the shoot and how it all came together in film”

Creating a style with a bride is so much more fun, so rewarding and so special and it comes from more than just the gown. We have some great accessory designers on board and we really wanted to strip the bride of her gown (literally) and style her with accessories only”. I used statement pieces from The White Room’s newest accessory stockist, Polly Edwards who makes stunning jewelled and intricate pieces that have the real wow factor. Her strong designs like ‘Sassi’ and ‘Neroli’ looked amazing on our model!

I am seeing more brides wishing to wear veils too! It’s all about styling the right veil with the right gown to create a look each and every bride is comfortable with. We paired lace & tulle veils from HM Veils with softer pieces from our Sheffield stockist, Debbie Carlisle whose new 2013 collection is launching in October and at The White Room for our very own designer evening with Debbie on the 12th October 2012. Her new collection is  all about the colour and lace details mixed with striking art deco inspired pieces, which looked beautiful with the lace veil!

What a shoot, what a look! I hope you take inspiration from it all!

Best Wishes

Chloe x

Styling & Design of shoot: Chloe Curry @ The White Room –
Photography: Cat Hepple –
Videographer: Emma Wilson –
Hair & MUA: Victoria Farr –
Venue Dressing & Location: Tareen & Tareen –
Models: Richard Kyte & Saskia Packman
Gowns and Accessories from The White Room (including):
Stephanie Allin
Jenny Packham
Claire Pettibone
HM Veils
Polly Edwards
DC Bouquets

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A beautiful bridal boutique in the heart of Sheffield city centre. Styling brides since July 2011. Award winning boutique with designers including Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford, Halfpenny London and Rosa Clara. Accessories by Debbie Carlisle and shoes by Rainbow Club. Bridesmaid gowns by Ghost and underwear and nightwear from a range of UK and international suppliers including Wonderbra 0114 2722336

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