Introducing A new designer to The White Room!

We love who we are at The White Room but know in order to succeed we need to offer variety, style and keep constantly ahead of the game to ensure brides are getting modern and forward thinking designs that you want to wear on your wedding day. So, with no further ado…

The White Room is very excited to announce that from September 2012 we will be one of the North’s featured stockists of the beautiful, classic and British designer, Sassi Holford

Exclusive ‘preview weekend’ at The White Room 


Friday 10th & Saturday 11th August 2012


After a trip to London in May 2012 for the The White Gallery, we instantly fell in love with her, the team and the designs and know that her cut of fabric, the ability to make a gown ‘yours’ and the British manufacture & design will make our brides love Sassi too! We love the gown versatility, the dedication to perfection and the constant desire to be great. 

Here are a few snaps of The White Gallery 2012 and our 1st meeting with Sassi!

So, why Sassi?

Sassi designs classic English wedding gowns with a contemporary edge, which I guess most designers say… However it’s kind of true… We were very lucky to be invited to Sassi’s main boutique in Taunton, Somerset which was the followed up by a guided tour of the work shop and design studio! We wanted to see Sassi design and make, to see the whole process from start to finish. See the pattern cut, grading, the fabric cut and prepared, the corset construction and final product, the dress! We wanted to do this so we can pass on the sheer love and care which goes in to a Sassi gown and also to represent Sassi at The White Room with knowledge, so our brides get the most from their White Room gown. Not only were everyone at Sassi super friendly, we were also amazed at the attention to detail, the dedication to making every stitch count and most importantly Sassi’s desire to make each and every bride’s dress memorable, special and amazing! They start with the design…

And then the focus is on the construction. Sassi’s designs are all hand-made in Taunton by expert seamstresses and machine, their design and make studio in Taunton was an amazing place to be. Such detail in the whole start to finish which I never knew. The mannequins which the gowns are constructed on are made specifically for Sassi and her team, they factor in a brides posture, the curve of her spine, the shape of her bust, nothing is disregarded!

The patterns and gradings are then cut and envisaged in 3D from the measurements we provide from the bride and the boutique. You can see how popular and how busy she is (and this is just a few!!)

Not only is Sassi a great designer, she is also a great dress-maker and I got to see her in action, making a made to measure corset for one of her London boutique brides who had ordered a gown for her December wedding. This is just the bare bones, it has to be fused, shaped and then built into the gown….

She then adds the highest quality silks & lace from Italy & France to construct the gowns, cut to perfection and hand finished with beading and appliques to make the perfect gown.

The likes of Ingrid (below) are classic Sassi, just add the detachable ‘shrugette’ and there we have it, amazing dresses, versatile, classic and expertly made!

When asked about being a designer and doing what she loves, Sassi says: “I love enhancing the female shape. Brides want to walk up the aisle feeling their most beautiful, and the right wedding dress can achieve that. It has to have a little bit of theatre!” and The White Room agree!




We love a quirky, inspirational and knowledgeable designer here too, one that can help when we need to know if we can add a strap, remove a belt, shorten the corset and who designs what you want to wear, on trend and classic at the same time. Sassi draws her inspiration from all around her, from fashion, textiles and interior design but above all from her brides and her desire to create their dream dress.

When asked “Who is the Sassi bride? What do you think it is about your designs that appeals to them?” Sassi says:

“I think a Sassi bride is quite savvy. She’s often very busy, she’s often got a career. I think my dresses are uncluttered, I want the bride to be the focus of attention. I don’t need to scream or shout – I like an understated elegance. It’s really all about the person wearing it, the dress is only there to enhance their personality, not overtake it. When I’m designing for Sassi Holford that’s first and foremost in my mind. Secondly I always like to think, will it take the test of time? I don’t want anybody looking back at wearing one of my dresses in their wedding pictures in 20 years’ time and thinking ‘why did I do that?!’ There has to be a timeless element in there as well”.

So ladies, what can we expect from the new Sassi Holford collection at The White Room?

We have invested in a total of 6 gowns to start with and are complimenting these with ‘illusion shrugs’, belts and shrugettes. The one gown from the continuing collection we have will be ‘Ingrid’ (below) and all the others are new for 2013!

Ingrid will be joined by Pippa, Jasmine, Annabel, Tilly & Dominique from the 2013 collection (images to follow soon!) so you know you will be wearing the latest designs, the most modern cuts and true White Room style.

Speaking about the 2013 collection, Sassi says: “I’ve gone slightly more feminine for 2013. There’s definitely a hint back to sleeves, but I’m making the dresses so that they can be quite versatile. You’ve got a look for the ceremony which is quite demure and has got coverage and then you can easily make it into quite a glamorous evening dress with a change of accessories. That’s high on the agenda with the ‘Sassi Holford’ collection”.


Currently wishing time away until the new gowns begin to arrive in September 2012! Should you wish to see any of her collection at The White Room, ask a question or just generally want to love what Sassi is about then get in touch with The White Room and we will be only happy to share our knowledge!

Sassi’s gowns start at £1750 and we will be announcing a ‘meet the designer day’ with Sassi herself at The White Room towards the end of 2012 too. Who say’s we don’t give you what you need?!

To make an appointment call me on 0114 2722336 or e-mail me

Much Love x

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  1. Ahh the lace is beautiful and the last photo is stunning, so feminine.
    The perfect choice for your bridal boutique XxX

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