A date for your diaries…

It’s SALE time!!

There I said it… the one word I have been trying to not say to promote the fact that it’s that time in the bridal calendar year when previous designs are discontinued, new collections are on route and we have to make space in the boutique to showcase the best of 2013… We are having a ‘sample sale’ on…

Friday 3rd (10am to 5pm – browsing)


Saturday4th August (by appointment only) 

10am to 5pm

I hate the word ‘sample sale’… I hate the word sale in general, high street, furniture, food… all bright red letters, huge banners and stuff strewn all over the place! It makes me think of unloved, no longer cool or desired objects that don’t deserve the price tag they once had. I imagine bridal ‘sales’ to be lots of crazy women snatching gowns out of hands and walking around in a shop full of people in their pants…

This will NOT be happening… a) because I’d have a meltdown and b) there is only me here to dress, support & style! However, The White Room will be hosting our 1st ever (sale) on Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th August 2012 at the boutique and during this time, we will be selling our very much loved sample gowns, accessories and shoes.

Why I hear you ask? Well, when we opened in July 2011, we did so with a small collection of gowns (around 26) which were from both 2011 and 2012 collections. Over the year, this has increased to 32 and now, we are due to see the launch of 2013 collections (of which I blew the budget on buying!) and not only do I genuinely need to make space to fit these in (I’m even buying a new rail!) I need to sell the gowns which I no longer need or have space for…

Why don’t I need them and why are they on sale? Well, few reasons really….

1 – The designers have discontinued them so no matter how much I love them, it still sells or is loved by brides, when a designer stops making it, it’s game over… This is the case for 6 of my current collection gowns and 4 pairs of shoes…

2 – The current sample has been remodelled and amended for the 2013 so I need to move it on to make space for the re-vamped, newer version. We love to ensure our brides get the best in up to date design and inspiration.

3 – The didn’t work for my brides or me… I’ll be honest, I bought the samples I did for opening 80% what I loved and 20% what the designers said worked for them as a style. This doesn’t necessarily mean my brides love them, they work for us or they are the dress you, our brides envisaged wearing. 

So, how does it work?

I have gowns by Cymbeline, Stephanie Allin, Jenny Packham and Claire Pettibone which I am adding to the ‘sale’ all of which will be ‘sold as seen’ therefore paid for in full at time of purchase with no deposit or reserve facility available! Sample items are not able to be refunded or returned however I am happy to store until needed. I will also be selling shoes which have also been discontinued (and never worn outside), hair accessories and veils too. I will be on hand to offer 100% honest and sensible advice at all times, so you will not leave with a gown that won’t ever fit, look good or cost the same as a new one to alter to make good!

What condition is the gown in?

Depending on the gown, I will say on a whole, excellent!! I take great pride in looking after all of my samples and have these held and tried on respectfully in the boutique with myself fully in the driving seat of all fittings. Of course, there maybe a few pin marks, maybe a stone or bead missing but all remedial repair work will be discussed individually with each bride before any sale is made, if needed. Cleaning can be discussed too.

What sizes are the gowns?

My samples are UK 12 and UK 14 and are all very much sample length and proportion. The basis for a UK 12 is 35″ bust, 29″ waist and 39″ hip based on a height of around 5’9″ in bare feet. Gowns can of course be taken in (with reasonable sense applied!) but can’t be let out with great success and you have to think about your proportions too. If you’re a DD, then the bust cup on a UK 12 will be too small. If you’re 4’9″ then reducing corsets and skirts to proportion WILL cost a lot of alteration work, if its even possible at all…

And the shoes?

I have UK 4, UK 5 and UK 6 shoes in the sample sale both by Rachel Simpson & Filippa Scott

What is included in the price?

The dress, any ‘light’ repairs e.g. replacing a missing button or a hook and eye and a dress bag for storage.

What is not included?

All alterations to make the gown fit (unless booked in with our in house seamstress at your request and charged for this service), cleaning, shipping or posting to anywhere within the UK or overseas.

What is the discount?

All our gowns retail for over £1500 when made to order for you and your wedding. Therefore, with this in mind, we will be reducing the gown by AT LEAST 30% of the current RRP (and up to 50% on shoes and accessories).

What do you need to do?

If you would like to come and see the ‘sale’ items then please do get in touch to make an appointment should you wish to try on. We will be hosting a full day of ‘browsing’ on Friday 3rd August and on the 4th (Saturday) offering appointments in which we will allow you to try gowns in this time and make a purchase. We will be, as The White Room standard, be closed for browsing when we are in consultation on the Saturday.

Get in touch on 0114 2722336 or e-mail me: chloe@whiteroombridal.co.uk

Happy Shopping!

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A beautiful bridal boutique in the heart of Sheffield city centre. Styling brides since July 2011. Award winning boutique with designers including Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford, Halfpenny London and Rosa Clara. Accessories by Debbie Carlisle and shoes by Rainbow Club. Bridesmaid gowns by Ghost and underwear and nightwear from a range of UK and international suppliers including Wonderbra 0114 2722336 www.whiteroombridal.co.uk

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