Aspen rocked it!!

The one thing that I love about my job? The individuality. The sheer fact that every bride who comes to The White Room will have her own ideas about her wedding, how she will style herself, the day, the event. I know that even if I sell the same dress twice,  I will never see the dress worn in the same way, each bride will make it unique, individual and theirs.

Rachel and Ali married in May 2012 and it was a very cool, individual and ‘their’ wedding. It was awesome! Everything about it from how Rachel & Ali met, her panic about being a bride, her gown choice, to venue, 1st dance, the styling, just the chilled out party which celebrated their love for each other. She had a great wedding and this is her story…

“We got married at Hartington Hall which is a Youth Hostel situated in the Peak District. We chose the venue as it enabled us to have exclusive use over an entire weekend. The Hall felt like we had borrowed a great big manor house for the weekend which allowed our guests to relax…and party!! We were married on the 19th May 2012”

“The thought of attending a ‘proper’ wedding boutique did not fill me with excitement, in fact it consumed me with dread.  I wasn’t a natural at wedding planning so when some well respected folks pointed me in the direction of the White Room I thought it was worth a try.  After a couple of glasses of red to take the edge off the whole experience I met Chloe for the first time.  The White Room made me feel at ease straight away as although it is extremely beautiful and elegant boutique, it is completely unpretentious”.

My appointment at The White Room was totally private and I had Chloe’s undivided attention throughout (I now understand why an appointment is necessary!).  Chloe was able to extract the information she required whilst just having an informal chat…I was being interviewed and didn’t even realise! I tried on a number of dresses although on my first visit I didn’t find ‘the one’. The feedback I received from Chloe was honest and echoed that of my friends.  I never felt pressured or like I was wasting time just because I didn’t find ‘the one’ for me.   I may not have found my gown on this occasion, I knew I’d be returning to the White Room at some point as I had been cured of my wedding boutique phobia!!  A few weeks later Chloe informed me about a special Jenny Packham weekend.  I had a window of opportunity and Chloe was able to work her magic to fit me in.  On my second visit I was even more relaxed and did indeed find ‘the one’!!

“I tried on a couple of gowns but nothing felt exactly ‘me’ until Chloe looked with a glint in her eye and said (all you sex and the city fans will understand…), “You’re trying on Charlotte’s and you’re not a Charlotte, what we need is a Carrie with just a touch of Samantha!” and with that simple statement I knew that she understood me entirely.  Chloe emerged with my ‘Aspen’ and the rest as they say is history!”

“We initially elected a winter February wedding but after visiting our venue we felt it would be a real waste if we couldn’t utilise the Hall’s beautiful grounds for all the kids (and big kids) to play.  The Hall also offers an outdoor ceremony option which was also too tempting to resist”.

“Debbie from DC Bouquets made me a bespoke ‘waterfall’ bouquet which was absolutely stunning! As my mum passed away some years ago, Debbie included her wedding ring into my bouquet so I’d have a bit of her with me on my big day. She also made me five button holes which were beautiful and went down a storm as keep sake gifts”

Tracey Campbell from Campbell’s flowers in Sheffield did the flowers and these looked and smelt amazing!!

So what did the groom think? “The answer ‘phwoar!’ (his answer not mine!)  My guests were also extremely complementary too.  I really didn’t know how I’d feel wearing a ‘wedding dress’ but I truly loved it.  I have never had the privilege to wear such an exquisite, beautiful garment before and I really doubt I will ever again (other than in the privacy of my own home!!)”

“The hubby and I perhaps adopted maybe too much of a laid back approach to wedding planning although I think this was just naivety on our part!!! I’m not sure what I expected but it was everything and more.  We had such a great time…I didn’t think I would actually miss and crave it.  We both keep reliving the wedding by talking to guests and looking at photos.  Folks have already asked us when we’re going to renew the vows to have another party!”

“We had bits and bobs that went wrong…My wee step son had a bug and threw up all over the night before so I was on my hands and knees cleaning sick (glam!). We had a power cut whilst the hairdresser was doing the hair and I forgot the bridesmaids head bands etc. The weather was fairly chilly for a May day and one of the bridesmaids had broken their arm just prior to the wedding (but didn’t tell anyone for fear of missing the party!). Although this stuff happened we didn’t think about it until afterwards…nothing at all affected our day at all”

“Our first dance was Talk Tonight by Oasis/Noel Gallagher.  The words had an uncanny similarity to the way we met (we met in 2007 at a killers gig in Berlin).  At the song was fairly sentimental we just sang it to each other at the top of our lungs…it felt like there wasn’t anyone else in the room”.

“We have both said how pleased we were to have chosen a really good photographer. Ours did a great job and captured the flavour of our day perfectly. The dress and cards are now packed away along with any trace of the big day although, I am pretty sure I will never tire of looking through the photos in order to relive our special day. P.s…..Just enjoy it, don’t get wrapped up in trivial detail”.

I’d love to wish both Rachel & Ali huge love to them and their family for a very happy life together. She was a dream to dress and work with and I think she really is one very cool lady! This I think sums up her thoughts of The White Room:

“If the White Room was a person it would probably be someone like Bradley Cooper…. Looks stunning and very stylish but still appears down to earth and doesn’t take himself too seriously!”

Happy days! x

Huge thanks to Andrew Scott Clarke for the creative, inspiring and clever imagery. He is one to watch!

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